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By cutting out the middleman (such as agents, banks, and inspectors) and paying cash, we can simplify the process of buying your house significantly. Our straightforward approach makes it easy to sell your house fast to us – just Selling a House is Simple as 1-2-3

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Sell Your House Easy Florida

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Sell Your House Easy Florida

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“They were great! – Why? – Because the process of selling my property was a breeze! They were fair and considerate of my needs as the seller. I highly recommend them to other property owners in the area“



Kyan Brown [Jacksonville FL ]

Told You… Easy As

This explains what exactly happens behind the scenes during the process?

To sell your house fast for cash in Florida, we encourage you to educate yourself before you decide what your best options are. 

Next, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the entire house buying process from start to finish. By reading this article, you will become an expert on the topic.

How To Sell My House Fast for Cash? 5 Easy Steps

How To Sell My House For Cash

The process of selling a house can be challenging, particularly when time is of the essence. One option to consider is selling your house for cash to a cash home buyer, which can greatly expedite the process. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the 5 steps involved in selling your house fast for cash in Florida to a cash home buyer from start to finish.

What Is A Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is an individual, company, or entity (often a real estate investor) that has the ability to buy your house in cash, without the need for financial assistance from banks, lenders, or other third-party financial institutions. As the buyer is using their own funds, they are the final decision-makers and do not require approval or inspection from third parties, which can significantly accelerate the transaction. Here are five simple steps to sell your house fast for cash Florida.

1. Find A House Cash Buyer.

House Cash Buyer

One way to locate cash home buyers is to conduct a Google search using phrases such as “We Buy Houses [yourState]”, “Sell My House Fast [yourState]”, or “Sell My House for Cash In [yourState]”, and selecting the highest ranking results that are not advertisements. It is advisable to avoid choosing results that are labeled as ads, as these listings are often paid for and not necessarily trustworthy. Instead, focus on the non-ad listings, which may be more reliable and reputable.

2. Do Your Due Diligence.

Do Your Due Diligence

It is important to note that not all cash home buyers are the same. The amount of the offer and the method used to determine it can vary significantly. To ensure that you are working with a reputable and trustworthy cash home buyer, it is advisable to research their website, including their “How It Works” page, About Us page, and any available customer reviews. Look for a website that is professional and transparent, with clear explanations and a polished appearance. The website is often an indication of the company’s level of professionalism and attention to detail, so if it is lacking, it may be wise to consider alternative options.

3. Submit Your Information.

Cash offer for your house

Upon finding a reputable cash home buyer, you can proceed with obtaining a cash offer by providing your contact information (such as a phone number or email address), the address of the property, and details about the current condition of the house and any necessary repairs.

4. Schedule Your Appointment.

Cash Offer for Your House

Once the necessary information has been received, a meeting can be scheduled where you can meet the buyer and tour the property together. During this time, you can ask any questions you may have and receive an offer at the end of the tour. It is important to note that reputable property buyers typically do not charge for these services and the offer is non-binding. It is common for individuals to need time to consider their options before making a decision, and reputable buyers should respect this. It is also advisable to have a lawyer review the contract before accepting any offer.

5. Schedule Your Closing Date. Get Your Cash!

Sell your house for cash

If the offer presented is acceptable, a closing date can be arranged. At closing, you will receive the cash payment and the transaction will be complete. It is common for cash home buyers to cover closing costs, making the process as attractive as possible for the seller. By following these steps, you can successfully sell your house fast for cash to a cash home buyer.

“I had a great experience with them! They were professional, honest, and hard-working. I would highly recommend them as a good choice for selling your home.

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Kate Davis [Riverside FL ]

You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

… And Also Want A Fantastic Offer!

We believe that it doesn’t make sense for “We Buy Houses” companies to offer lowball offers. At Expo Home Buyers, we take the time and effort to carefully analyze your home in order to provide you with a fair cash offer for your home in Florida. We also invest in visiting properties all over Florida, and all of these services are provided FREE of charge to you. We understand that no one wants to accept a low offer, and it would be a waste of our time, money, and effort if you were to reject our offer.

How We Make Our Offers To Buy You Home

It’s In Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer.

“Expo Home Buyers” stays in business by getting offers accepted. Our goal is to give a highest offer possible and make your experience with us smooth and stress-free. Which is why we have received so many glowing reviews from our clients. 🙂

We base our offers on your home’s “After Repair Market Value”

This means that we consider how much your home would be worth if it was in perfect condition. We use this value to determine how much we can offer!

The Offer:

For those who love math, we value honesty and transparency. We have no issues sharing with you exactly how we come up with our offers.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

To better comprehend this, we must clarify certain terms:

After Repair Value (ARV) – it is the estimated market value of your home AFTER we purchase and renovate it. We’re just like those flipping shows on HGTV!

Cost Of Repairs (COR) refers to the EXPENSES we will incur to repair and update the house after we purchase it from you.

Our Selling Costs: When we sell the house after purchasing and renovating it, we may need to use an agent to list the property. This means we will incur agent fees, closing costs, taxes, and other expenses such as holding costs. These fees, which can total about 10% of the selling price, are something that you don’t have to worry about when you sell directly to us. Our selling costs are calculated as 10% of the estimated market value of the renovated property.

Our Minimum Profit: Yeah, this IS a business after all, and need to make a profit in order to continue operating, help home owners and buy houses. However, we strive to keep this profit to a minimum so that we can offer you the highest possible price. Our business model focuses on making numerous deals with a smaller profit margin rather than a few deals with a larger margin. This benefits everyone involved.

  1. Suppose you have a house that you want to sell.
  2. Imagine now that your neighbor also has the same identical house as yours, but with a few upgrades such as granite countertops, removed wallpaper, a new coat of paint, a new roof, and hardwood floors.
  3. Now, suppose that your neighbor sells their house for $200K.

What We Know Now?

If we were to make the same upgrades to your house as your neighbor did, bringing it to a similar condition, we would be able to sell it for $200K just like they did. These updates would be made AFTER purchasing the property from you.


We’ve determined that the market value of your house, if we made some repairs and upgrades, would be around $200,000. It’s important to us that our offer is based on market value, not on any sense of desperation on your part to sell.


We will come for a walkthrough of your house with our Contractor and our Real Estate Agent. Our agent has a good understanding of what buyers are looking for and can give our contractor a list of necessary repairs to save on costs. Our agent may suggest updates like granite countertops, hardwood floors, and new appliances, based on similar properties that have been sold in the area.

After the walkthrough, our Contractor will provide us with an accurate estimate for the Cost Of Repairs (COR). We have a good idea of the changes we’d need to make to the house and how much they will cost, so we can visualize the finished product and make an informed offer.

Sell My House As Is Florida

For example, if our contractor gives us an estimate of $40K for repairs, that will help us make a more accurate and potentially higher offer.

Now We’re Ready to Make an Offer on Your Property!

Here are the numbers:

ARV (After Repair Value) = $200K

COR (Cost Of Repairs) = $40K

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $200K = $20K 

Let’s say Our Minimum Profit = $25K

[Your Offer] =  [ARV] – [COR] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $200K – $40K – $20K – $25K = $115K

Your Offer = $115K

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Selling Your Florida Home Can Be A Quick & Easy Process

Expo Home Buyers buys houses in and around Florida (and other areas, too!). We’re not listing your house, we’re actually the ones buying your home. Because we pay cash and are buying your Jacksonville home directly from you, we’re able to close quickly (or on your schedule).

When you work with us there are no fees and no commissions like there are when you list your house with a traditional agent. You never have to worry about any extra costs to sell a house fast coming out of your pocket, or even getting your “market-ready” to sell. We want to buy your house as-is.

No matter how ugly or pretty it is and no matter the location, we buy houses in Jacksonville in any condition.

What does “as-is” mean?

We buy your Jacksonville home as-is, meaning you don’t have to worry about doing repairs, fixing your home up, or getting it ready for showings. We’ll handle all repairs, inspections, and more after we purchase your home. We factor this into our offer, of course, but it saves you the money and the headache associated with getting your home ready to sell.

What does an “all-cash offer” mean?

“All-cash” means exactly that – all cash for your Jacksonville home! Because we are real estate investors who are purchasing your home directly, we don’t rely on traditional financing like retail homebuyers. When you sell to us, there’s no risk of the financing falling through, or closing being delayed. When we make you an offer, that’s the full amount you’ll receive at closing.

How fast is a fast closing?

After you send us information about your home, we can make you a no-obligation, fair all-cash offer in as little as 24 hours. Once you accept, we close at a local, reputable title company in as little as 7 days. Compare that to the 30+ days it can take to close when listing your house the traditional way, and the benefits are obvious!

What if I don’t need a fast closing?

At Expo Home Buyers, we work on your time frame. If you don’t need a fast closing due to the need to make arrangements, explore your future options, etc., we will schedule the closing on the day that works best for you!

Will I get a lowball offer?

Our goal is to provide you with the fairest offer possible. Unlike other buyers or big tech giants, we’re transparent with how we arrive at an offer amount. What we offer is based on what the value of the property may be once we make the necessary improvements and upgrades. We’re entirely transparent with this offer process and happy to walk you through how it works.

Is this even legit?

Yes, it is! The real estate industry is rapidly changing, and thousands of Americans are exploring their options when it comes to selling their house in the fastest, easiest, and most transparent way. That’s where we come in. We offer an alternative for those homeowners who may not have the time or ability to list their house on the market for top dollar. We’ll work with you to assess your situation, make you a transparent all-cash offer, and close on your timeline.

Timeframe:  Once we get your information, we’re usually able to make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days… or on your schedule. 👇👇

See what we can offer you for your house!